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Trade Up: Tips to boost your summer nutrition

This post was first featured on the Dairy Makes Sense blog in July of 2015.  Summer time is here and reading scores aren’t the only things that tend to slip during our vacation-filled months. Nutritious decisions tend to fly out … Continue reading

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Full-Fat Yogurt: Have you tried it?

Move over fat-free, high-sugar yogurt. There’s a new kid in town! I was pumped to see these new Siggi’s full-fat yogurts hit our shelves recently, and was intrigued by the Strawberry & Rhubarb flavor. Siggi’s is one of my favorite … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to LOVE Dairy

10 reasons to LOVE dairy. 1. Calcium – Dairy is probably best known for its calcium, which helps to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth. 2. Vitamin D – Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is one … Continue reading

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