Full-Fat Yogurt: Have you tried it?

Move over fat-free, high-sugar yogurt. There’s a new kid in town!

I was pumped to see these new Siggi’s full-fat yogurts hit our shelves recently, and was intrigued by the Strawberry & Rhubarb flavor. Siggi’s is one of my favorite yogurt brands for both taste and nutrition. I mean, they use real Madagascar vanilla that you can actually see!

The ingredient list is simple and not overloaded with sugars. Each serving contains only 8 grams of sugar (compared to some brands that can contain up to 30+ grams), 5 grams of fat (full-fat doesn’t necessarily mean “full of fat”), and 10 grams protein.

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My favorite flavors are the Strawberry & Rhubarb (what Midwest girl wouldn’t love this flavor combination?) and the Vanilla (especially with fresh berries).

Siggi's whole-milk Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries

Siggi’s whole-milk Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries

I am happy that the trend in food products lately has been moving towards more full-fat products. For so long, we have been afraid of fat because we thought that “fat makes us fat”. The truth behind that is an excess of any calorie leads to weight gain. But fat has a very important function in our diets. It provides a feeling of satisfaction (have you ever eaten a salad with fat-free salad dressing and just not felt satisfied or “done” with your meal?), helps regulate blood sugars (by slowing down how quickly your body breaks down carbohydrates), and makes it possible to use a variety of nutrients (vitamins A, E, D and K).

*Note, this isn’t an endorsement to go hog-wild and douse all of your food in fats and oils, but it is permission to enjoy more natural sources of fats in moderation!



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