Holland Peppers

There’s a “new” guy in town.

Okay, so Holland peppers aren’t new, but they are new to me. I’ve been working in a grocery store for over 7 years and this is the first year that I have seen (or at least paid attention to) Holland peppers.


They aren’t just your normal pepper. Holland peppers come in all sorts of colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, purple,brown, white, and even striped! These bell peppers are prized for their uniform, almost perfect, shape, thick walls, and sweet flavor. The sweetest variety is white, and generally the lighter the color, the sweeter the pepper.

Holland Peppers

Most Holland peppers are grown in green houses under strict controls of humidity and sunlight. Because of these conditions Holland yields beautiful “meaty” peppers that hold up well to cooking.

The first time I took a bite of these crunchy and juicy peppers I fell in love. My absolute way of enjoying them is to cut them in half (remove the stem and seeds) and spread with hummus.  It is a perfect afternoon snack that I don’t feel guilty about!


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  1. Never saw these before! Thanks for sharing… now I want to make some hummus!


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