To focus or multi-task: that is the question. Burnt Hamburger!

Have you ever had one of “those” days? A day that your to-do list is a mile long, your attitude says “bring it on”, but God says “slow down, lady”?

I’ve been having them a lot lately…

My husband and I often joke about how we each handle lists differently. I like to take on several tasks at once. Why not get more accomplished at once? For example, it would be very typical for me to be doing laundry and putting towels away in the bathroom and notice that the sink is a mess. So, instead of finishing the laundry, then start on the bathroom, I will quickly wipe down the sink on my way through.

I will say that most of the time, I do a pretty good job of multi-tasking, but as of late, one detour typically leads to many. I saw this photo on a friend’s Facebook wall and totally agree.


For example, I was browning hamburger one afternoon in preparation for that night’s supper (I was ahead of the game!), went downstairs to switch laundry, in walking by the kids’ toys, saw that they were in shambles, so I attempted to put them back on the shelves. There were too many toys to fit on the shelves, so I started going through the toys and books and organizing them.  Fast forward 30+ minutes and I start to smell something very unpleasant.  Hmmm… what is that hot, bitter smell??  Oh ya, my exceptionally burn hamburger!  So now my hamburger is burnt, my house reeks of burnt meat, they kids’ toy shelves are REALLY in shambles (all over the floor), AND my laundry isn’t done! UG!

I’d love to say that I learned my lesson and only focus on one task at a time now, but I can say that I am now more aware of when I feel like I have too many irons in the fire. It is a daily fight, but one that seems to pay off in the end.

Do you multi-task or focus on one task through completion?


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A mix of realism, humor, tips and delicious recipes. I am a mother, wife, passionate sewer and registered dietitian. I want to show people that food is medicine and getting back in the kitchen is the key to health. I love everything about food: gardening, shopping, cooking and most of all, EATING! Notice that "dishes" isn't on that list.... Food isn't perfect. It nourishes our minds, bodies and souls! As a blogger, journalist, speaker and broadcast professional, I enjoy talking about food and nutrition for websites, television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. I also work with companies to provide customized nutrition education and recipe development.
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