You Can Eat the Skin of a Kiwi fruit?!

YES! You read that correctly, you can, in fact, eat the skin of a kiwi fruit!

As a busy working mother of three, I am always looking for ways to save time, mess and increase nutrition. I came across this tidbit of information a few years ago from one of my store tour customers while walking through the produce section. I was in the middle of describing how to quickly eat a kiwi by slicing it in half and scooping out the fruit, when he excitedly interrupted me by saying:

“You know, you can save some time by just eating the skin.”.

Wait, what?!?!? I was flabbergasted. And anyone that knows me, knows that doesn’t happen easily. Like most people, the thought of eating a kiwi skin hadn’t even crossed my mind. I mean, have you seen the fuzz on a kiwi? Kiwi fruit

But lo and behold, I tried it and it changed my life! Kiwifruit has always been that fruit that I only buy if I am making fruit pizza. Because to peel a kiwi and cut it up can be a nuisance. Even with the cut and scoop method, I still hesitated to buy kiwi. But not anymore!


If you know me, you know that one of my favorite hashtags is #efficientnotlazy. After all, I am a busy, working mother of three. I’m willing to do the work when necessary, but will take any shortcuts that I can get. So, to eat a kiwi for maximum time savings and nutrition, simply cut the ends off, and cut into 4-6 pieces. You can can eat it plain, add to a fruit salad, or even to your next cup of yogurt. It doesn’t matter, just give it a try. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised!



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A mix of realism, humor, tips and delicious recipes. I am a mother, wife, passionate sewer and registered dietitian. I want to show people that food is medicine and getting back in the kitchen is the key to health. I love everything about food: gardening, shopping, cooking and most of all, EATING! Notice that "dishes" isn't on that list.... Food isn't perfect. It nourishes our minds, bodies and souls! As a blogger, journalist, speaker and broadcast professional, I enjoy talking about food and nutrition for websites, television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. I also work with companies to provide customized nutrition education and recipe development.
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