High Protein, Low Carb Pasta? Yes, it does exist!

With more and more people looking for higher protein and lower carbohydrate options, I have been on the search for a pasta that fits the bill (and still tastes great!).

I was beginning to think that such a product didn’t exist until I came across these amazing bean-based noodles. They come in 3 different varieties including black bean, soy bean, and soy + mung bean. I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to try them, but the concept was too tempting. I’ve made a couple different dishes with them and have been amazed!


The first one I made was a pasta with the soy + mung bean noodles and a new sauce called Majka Ajvar (I’m not sure on the pronunciation, but am sure that it is delicious).

The sauce is red pepper and egg plant based, rather than tomato based. It is a savory sauce that isn’t overly acidic (like most pasta sauces and salsas). It can be used on pastas, as a dip for tortilla chips or even as a sauce to flavor veggies. ( I have been caught eating it with a spoon).

The noodles are great tasting and have a really nice (but slightly springy) texture.  The biggest plus is that they have 24g protein and only 9g of carbs per serving (compared to about 7g protein and 40g carbs in regular pasta). These noodles will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Make a traditional pasta or an Asian stir fry. You won’t be disappointed!



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5 Responses to High Protein, Low Carb Pasta? Yes, it does exist!

  1. Angie Dye says:

    Great post. The sauce is pronounced “eye-var” a very traditional Croatian appetizer made with red pepper, eggplant and good olive oil. It was everywhere in Croatia when we visited 2 years ago….served mostly with homemade bread. One of my favorite food memories…so delicious.


  2. unlextension says:

    These look terrific! Where did you find them? Are they located in the health food section, or are they with the other pasta and sauces?


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