No more exploding oatmeal!

I know it happens to everyone, but I really don’t like cleaning up scalding hot oatmeal that has exploded all over my microwave. It happens every time I make oatmeal. I measure out my oats, add water then put it in the microwave, praying to the oatmeal gods that this time will be different. I pray this time my oats will cook as they are supposed to and remain in my perfectly picked bowl. Well, guess what, nearly EVERY time it is an epic fail. I peak in after the microwave beeps and I see the aftermath of an oatmeal volcano. The bowl is hot enough to melt my skin, and the miniscule amount that is left in the bowl is just enough to make me mad.

no spill oatmeal
As I have often found out, “necessity is the mother of invention” (thanks Plato). In searching through my cupboards for a solution to my morning dillema (#firstworldproblems), I came across my trusty 4-cup liquid measure. And that’s when I saw the light! I use my liquid measure to microwave frozen vegetables, so why not oatmeal?

It meets all my requirements (and wants).
1. Microwave safe
2. Huge
3. Dishwasher safe (who wants to do dishes for breakfast?!)
4. A handle to keep my hand from melting when I take it out of the microwave.

I just love it when the solution to one of my kitchen problems is hiding in my cupboard. Since making the switch, I haven’t had to clean up molten oatmeal once. And on the weekends when I make oatmeal for the whole family, I just use my extra large 8-cup liquid measure. #SimpleSolutions


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3 Responses to No more exploding oatmeal!

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  2. Cindy says:

    I love this idea! I use this when I commute, and the handle works in my cup holder, and I can eat on my way to work. And no mess!


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