Wasabi Tuna Steaks, Celebrate at Home!

Like in every culture, food plays a big part of celebrations in my family. For birthdays and other special days (like Father’s Day), the honored person gets to choose what the family eats for supper. This is nearly always a meal that we prepare at home (instead of going out to eat). I know for many families, birthdays and other special days are celebrated by going out to eat, but for the most part, our celebratory meals are homemade. I’m sure the reasoning is two-fold. Both my husband and I grew up in a small, rural town in Iowa where the norm was to eat at home. We had two restaurants in town (1 pizza place and the other a diner) and going out to eat wasn’t a regular part of our life. Also, providing a quality and delicious meal for my family is yet another way that I can nuture and show my love for that family member on their special day (as corny as it may sound).

So, when I asked my husband what he wanted to eat for Father’s Day, he was quick to request Alton Brown’s Wasabi Tuna Steak recipe that we have made for several of our Valentine’s Day meals.

This recipe is deliciously simple and the leftovers are amazing on a bed of lettuce the next day! I’m not a huge fan of wasabi normally, but the flavors are amazing in this recipe.
Wasabi Tuna

Tuna steaks in the marinade.

Tuna steaks in the marinade.

To make, mix up the marinade (honey, soy sauce and wasabi). Reserve 1/4 cup for dipping sauce. Marinate the tuna steaks in the marinade overnight.

Wasabi Tuna 3

Coat in sesame seeds.

Sesame seed-coated tuna steak

Sesame seed-coated tuna steak

Then saute in a little oil for a minute or two on each side. You won’t be cooking the tuna all the way through. It really is best when it is medium-rare (or even rare). *Note, make sure you are getting your fish from a reputable store and are handling the fish properly.
Wasabi Tuna 5
We served the Tuna Steaks with sauteed broccoli and a creamy mushroom risotto. I left out the asparagus because we didn’t have any.

So, next time you or your family are having a special day, choose to stay in and try something new!


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