Snack Time: Sesame Crackers and Chipotle Cheese

So I admit, I am a snacker!  Most days of the week I eat at least a morning snack and afternoon snack. I have my go-to snacks that I can keep in my desk and munch on as needed. Being someone that doesn’t like monotony in my food choices, I am always looking for something new to eat. -It is a good thing that I work in a grocery store where I have the convenience of strolling the aisles to look for my next meal!
Crackers and Cheese
We recently go in some new, deliciously crunchy crackers from Blue Diamond. They released a line of artisan nut-thins that are wheat and gluten-free and so crispy.  If you are a “dipper” and are always looking for something to dip your crackers, chips or vegetables in, then these crackers are for you. They are crispy and hold up well to dipping. There are few things more annoying to this self-proclaimed “dipper” than a wimpy cracker. Have no fear, these crackers will hold up to even the heaviest of dips.

I paired these seedy crackers with one of my new favorites: Queso Fresco and Chipotle Laughing Cow Cheese. It is so creamy and has just a hint of heat and smokiness. Munching on this snack was just what I needed to fuel me through my afternoon!


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